How To Be Happy In A Relationship: Quiz

Every relationship is magical at first. During those first few months that we call the “honeymoon phase”, it will seem like you were meant to be together forever. Eventually, these feelings will go away and you may suddenly find yourself in an unhappy relationship.

Below, we have a few questions from Kartikeya Sharma India News that you can ask yourself to determine if you are in a happy relationship.


Are You Spending Enough Quality Time Together?


It is not always the amount of time you are spending together that is important. It can be what you are doing with your time together that matters more. If your “quality time” involves sitting across from each other in the living room and watching TV shows until it’s time to go to bed, you may not be spending any meaningful time together at all. Make sure the time you have together counts. Engage with your partner and make your time count together.

Are You Intimate Often Enough With Your Partner?


It’s perfectly normal for a couple that has been together for a while to be intimate less often as time goes on. If, however, there is a sudden drop in intimacy, or it is barely there at all, there may be a reason for it.


A decrease in intimacy can often be a result of a deteriorating relationship. If the spark is just not there anymore or you are not getting along, those intimate times you share with your significant other will become scarce. You may be able to find a way to increase the intimacy on your own, but it can sometimes be too late by then.


Are You Currently Happy?


A telltale sign of a bad relationship is if your partner becomes the cause of your unhappiness. It’s hard to determine this when you are in the relationship yourself because it can be easy to make excuses for them. If you let them go, the loneliness will only make you feel worse. This is why some people have a difficult time realizing that they are in an unhappy relationship.


A healthy and positive relationship should make you feel better about your life. It should add excitement and energy to your life when you are with them. If you do not feel better when you are with them, you are probably not in a happy relationship.

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